April 23, 2012 was the day that my best friend wrote me a message that she was following the Paleo diet, gave me a website and suggested that I look into it.  I did and instantly thought, ‘I can’t do this, no drinking, no dairy.  Nope’.  Over the next few months I kept talking to her about it, and I would read a little more about it.  I was intrigued but all I could think about was how I could possibly do this…. i mean no bread, pasta, grains at all.  I kept thinking about everything I couldn’t have.   She was telling me how she was feeling, how much better she was doing with her joints.  She had rashes that she hadn’t been able to cure for years, gone.  Her auto-immune issue under control.  She was feeling heathy, lost the pounds she had wanted to.

Her and her family were due to come visit us in Florida for 2 weeks in June and trying to be the good hostess I started researching some recipes so that she could continue eat how she wanted to and not feel like she was putting me out.  I love to cook and quickly found some yummy recipes that we all loved.  

That was 4 months ago and a transformation has been going on in my own family, one that is positive.  I started doing this for me and since I do all the cooking in the house, my husband and 4 boys have been following along, willingly.  ( again they really don’t have much choice as I am chief shopper/ baker/ cook and they all  REALLY like to eat)

I am by NO MEANS an expert, this is just my humble journey into Paleo with my family. I am so inspired but some of the other Paleo blogs that I wanted to simply throw in my measly 2 cents.  ( maybe .5 cents really).  


2 thoughts on “Inspired….

  1. Your welcome Lesley 🙂 good luck with your journey . I’m so glad you guys got on board!!
    You’ll be amazed at your transformations in looks and health. !
    Keep up the good work ! It’s a lifestyle not a diet 🙂 keep moving !

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