About Moi

Hi, I’m Lesley, I recently turn 40 and decided I needed to do something ( cliche isn’t it!)  Yup I guess I had my own version of mid life crisis and wanted to shake things up a little.  I have many many plans for my life over the next 40 years and I wanted to make sure I was physically capable to doing all I want to.  I want to feel my best, look my best and have all the energy I need to do the things I’ve always wanted to do, but no time to do it, now I have time.

First I have  6 kids …yes that is the right number.  Quick run down… I have 2 boys from my first marriage, Jacob is 19, Joshua is 17.  My amazing husband Greg has 2 kids from his first marriage, Mitchell 18, Devon ( our only girl) 16 and then we had 2 boys together, Ethan 10 and Chase is 8.  I’m not comfortable with the term of step-parent etc for our family so I just say they are all my kids, cause they are.

We recently relocated from Toronto, Ontario to Tampa, Florida and LOVE it! We’ve never loved the cold weather, not very active in winter activities and always preferred the heat of summer, but in Toronto, summer could be 2 weeks or 8, it’s just too darn short so we turned in our snowboots for flip flops.  It’s been a huge adjustment as we miss our friends and family, but we love it here, just looking to expand our friends a little more.

I have been reading and watching other Paleo blogs for the last number of months and learning a TON from each and every one of them.  I am by no means an expert, this is just my journey into a world I never would have considered a year ago and surprisingly to me, loving it.  This is my family’s journey into the world of Paleo and how we manage.  We aren’t perfect but we try, really hard.  I think that counts for something.




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