No more Cereal….now what?

Since turning the paleo leaf, it has been a fairly easy transition into lunch and dinner.  Straight forward, easy to maneuver from the regular sandwiches to left overs, ‘meat’ rolls, soups etc. I had lots of ideas, looked up a ton of recipes and felt totally confident about preparing easy and yummy meals.  Breakfast…. that has me stumped…still.   I have 6 kids, and 4 of the live at home. We often go for quantity as they are boys, big boys with big appetites.  Cereal and toast was the usual breakfast fare. Every commercial, every tv show you see that cereal is what you are meant to have to start your day right.  A big bowl will give you the fuel you need to make you productive, happy and healthy;  not in the paleo world.  Not only that there was a huge sale on Kellogs cereal a few months back and I ended up with 60 boxes of different ‘ healthy’ cereals. Yes I know, excessive we’re talking less then 1.00 a box.  Not a fruit loops in the bunch but  whole grain, healthy choices ( much to my kids dismay).    Now I have about 40 boxes left, kids who I am trying to switch over to eating more Paleo and a lot less grains but where do I go from here.


Eggs and bacon have become a staple for me in the morning. It hit’s the spot and I’ve been obsessing over mashed carrots right now with sauteed apples, YUM!


Now for my 2 youngest I’m still trying to come up with some creative ideas that they will like. I have one who is all over breakfast and it’s his biggest meal of the day. The other I can barely get 1 piece of toast in him and then I know that he’s hungry at school but I don’t want to force anything on him.  He does however love fruit smoothies in the morning. I add whey protein to give it more sustenance.


Vanilla almond milk

frozen fruit ( whatever type you like)

1 banana

1 scoop of protein powder

Blend and enjoy….


I did find a fantastic recipe from PaleOMG for pancakes that the kids loved.


And the apples are easy and delish, but I didn’t add in the cream, just the coconut oil, apples and cinnamon. To make my life a little easier I prep the apples in the pan the night before, cover it and put in the fridge over night.  The next morning I just put in on the stove and go.  BIG timesaver.



Kicked my A**

The Whole30

This book literally kicked me in the a** !  I could go on and on about how good it is but seriously just take my word for it.  Melissa and Dallas are masters at laying it out.  It’s clearly written with no holds barred information and  it’s has a brutally honest delivery that you really can’t argue with.  It’s easy to read and understand without bombarding you with medical jargon that’s hard to understand without a medical degree.  I need someone to talk to me in simple, clear terms and that’s exactly what they do.  Buy it, read it and it will change the way you think about food.  After reading the part on sugar to my husband who declared he simply isn’t giving up his 2  ‘sweet & low’ in his coffee, he stopped.  As in he stopped that day, within the hour when he got his next coffee and hasn’t looked back.

We’d been doing Paleo for a few months, my husband and I,  but really it was about 65% of the time.  We made a lot of concessions for little treats ( ‘paleo treats’ ), alcohol, regular meats, sugars ( honey and sweet & low) and skipping meals.  We adapted as much as we thought we could and with a family of 6 to feed, I thought we were doing as best as we could.  THEN I read this and realized that perhaps I wasn’t giving it as much as I could. If I really believed what they were telling me, and I did, then I owed it to myself and my family to really give it a shot. I had nothing to lose.

I’m at this point 8 days in to my first Whole30 experience and I have to say it’s not nearly as hard as I first expected.  And because I prefer to do 6 things at once, I have pretty much by defacto included my  whole family in this excursion.  They were worried to begin with that I was going to make them eat strange, weird  concoctions with no taste .  Even they can’t deny that dinner’s are  good ( sometimes better the others) and any ‘diet’ that allows bacon really has to be a winner in their books!

So far I’ve learned a few things little tricks that have made this easier….

1- Be prepared….I set up breakfast for me and the 2 youngest boys at night so I don’t have to think in the morning.

2- I make or plan the boys lunch at night so I’m not rushing to figure it out in the morning.

3- Shop a few times a week for fresh produce

4-I’ve adapted a few of our favourite recipes to become paleo-ized ( is this a word??) and will still cook rice or potato fries for the kids, but I have no desire right now to have any, I just add extra veggies to mine.

5- I have lots of sparkling mineral water on hand with lime for any occasion we have friends over for a drink or my husband has a glass of wine. ( I don’t know at this point if it’s paleo or not but there’s no sugar in it so I’m sticking to it)

At this point I am the only one following the Whole30 as strictly as possible, and I’m fine with this.  It isn’t a weight loss issue for me, I really just wanted to ‘reset’ my body and give it a rest.  So far I have no complaints…… but there is some dark chocolate in my freezer patiently waiting for me.